CFO Services

We offer specific services tailored to the CFO, whether you are brand new to your role or well established:


Finance Transformation

Finance transformation includes Finance strategy, Finance business case, Finance Operating Model Design, Finance Organisation Design, Finance Job Descriptions,  and Finance Transformation implementation.


Finance Centralisation and Decentralisation

We have extensive large-scale experience centralizing and decentralising finance functions.  Our services cover all elements of finance centralization and decentralisation from changes in reporting lines through to redesigned and implemented finance functions.


Strategic and Business Planning

We don’t attempt the powerpoint approach to strategy and planning. What is important is that the path you follow in the months ahead is leading towards your long term objective. Knowing what the interim milestones and waypoints are is crucial.

Our approach focuses on dynamic planning capabilities supported by the key detail that is appropriate to the driving forces that influence your business and industry.

Overall, it is important to be able to show and understand how the key elements of your long range plans fit together and work together: Investment, Product Lifecycle, People and Capabilities, Supply Chain, Channels to Market, for example.


Strategic and Commercial Projects

Generally one-off in nature these may cover:

  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments
  • Financial Performance Turnarounds
  • Cost-Out Reviews
  • Contract Negotiations or Renegotiations
  • New Venture Start-Up
  • Competition and Regulatory Studies
  • Market and Competitor Studies


Finance Management

We are able to provide finance management services for one-off activities.  For example:

  • Process Optimisation
  • Cost Studies
  • 90/100 Day Plans
  • Investigations


Key Performance Indicators and Dashboards

  • Designing integrated KPIs across the organisation
  • Establishing a succinct dashboard of KPIs by area with appropriate review rhythms (daily/weekly/monthly)


Business Intelligence and Analytics

  • Scoping and conceptual design of Information and Data Management
  • Designing, building and maximising your Business Intelligence
  • Designing and implementing Analytics and Insight capabilities


Cost Management

  • Understanding your costs, what influences them, and how your prices recover them
  • Developing appropriate Procurement Practices
  • Designing and Implementing appropriate Vendor Strategies