COO Services

We provide profit improvement programmes for COOs and other senior executives.

Profit Improvement programmes are challenging.  These programmes can become political footballs with self-interest overriding the interests of the programme, especially if there is not external support to keep the organisation honest.  If you have been asked to lead or sponsor such a programme, then you may need our help to improve outcomes and reduce your risk of failure.


Profit Improvement Programmes – Diagnostic Service

The design and execution of a Profit Improvement programme is critical to it’s success.  We have developed a Diagnostic that can be used at any stage through the lifecycle of the programme to establish whether it is on track and identify areas for improvement.  The Diagnostic covers the 130 factors that need to be in place for a successful programme.  If less than 80% of the factors are in place, then the probability of the programme succeeding falls substantially.


Profit Improvement Programmes – Full Range of  Services

We offer a full-range of Profit Improvement services, from design advice to our complete turnkey solution that provides the people, systems, tools, processes and experience to enable your programme to be more successful.