Enablement Services

We are able to provide you with core enablement services.  In particular:



From Board, Audit and Risk, Executive Governance through to operational delegation frameworks, we can help you establish the right balance between control and commercial agility.

Our experience of serving on Boards and interacting closely with Boards has provided us with real insight into what makes a top performing Board that can bring out the best in the Executive team.


Change Management

If nothing needs to change in your business, something is wrong.  The pace of change everywhere increases incessantly driven by globalisation, customer sophistication, technology, and competition, just to name a few.

We are experienced at successfully implementing complex change at organisational, operational, and structural levels.


Programme and Project Management

Complex programmes and projects require careful management to meet time, quality and cost expectations.

We are experienced at successfully delivering complex programmes and projects.


Financial Modelling

Decisions are frequently made based on complex financial models.  We can model the critical elements of a problem and present decision makers with the key assumptions and trade-offs associated with a decision.  We can test key assumptions for you or more generally review financial models that you plan to use for key decisions.


Interim Executive Secondments

We are able to provide interim Executive secondments to temporarily cover roles.