Turnaround Experience

We have extensive turnaround and profit improvement experience which we can deploy to enable your turnaround or profit improvement programme to be a success.

Phase Turnaround Experience
Programme Design Sponsor Identification and Engagement
Team Identification and Engagement
Identification and Prioritisation of Project Teams
Programme Phasing
Communications Planning
Meeting Schedules
Process & Documentation Design and implementation of Identification, Planning, Implementation and Review processes
Design and implementation of documentation.
Design and implementation of supporting systems.
Design and implementation of training materials.
Financials Identification of Baselines
Target Setting
KPI Identification
Measurement and Report Planning
Quick Wins Identification
Ideas Mass Balances
Root Driver Analysis
Idea Identification
Idea Quantification
Idea Documentation
Idea Syndication
Idea Sign-Off
Planning Plan Owner Engagement
Co-Development of Plans
Plan Prioritisation
Idea Measurement Design
Idea Measurement Implementation
Implementation Review Cycle
De-bottlenecking Constrained Resources
Implementation Support
Validation Validating Implementation and Idea Value
Optimising Idea
Identifying Follow-On Ideas
Validation Sign-Off
Risk Management Eliminating or Mitigating Risks to Idea
Eliminating or Mitigating Risks to Business from Idea